Adventure With Purpose: Running the Ribbons 2022

April 2022

Once again, we headed North on our beloved yacht, Merlin, however this time, it was to assess the unfolding mass coral bleaching event.

Coral Spawning 2021

November 2021

In November 2021, we headed North on our beautiful sailing yacht, Merlin, to witness the annual coral spawning event.

Coral Expeditions - Citizen Science Expedition

July 2021

We teamed up with Coral Expeditions to deliver their first citizen science expedition on the Great Barrier Reef.

Search for Biodiversity

November 2019

Our latest expedition to assess the health and biodiversity of reefs in the far northern GBR, and examine the impact of monsoon storms and cyclones experienced along Cape York in 2019.

Ocean Heroes

September 2019

A tribute to those who've dedicated their lives to the oceans as we make our way up the east coast of Australia under sail.

Search for Solutions

November 2018

Building on the success of Search for the Super Corals, GBR Legacy's second expedition refines our ground-breaking model for even greater impact.

Search for Super Corals

November 2017

We set out to provide free access for leading scientists to study corals that may hold the secret to surviving in a warming ocean.