Search for Solutions
The journey continues
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Search for Solutions

Building on the success of Search for the Super Corals, GBR Legacy's second expedition refines our ground-breaking model for even greater impact.

In order to make our model more cost effective, efficient and deliver even greater results we have decided to:

Visit fewer sites

While Search for The Super Corals successfully provided a wide ranging reef health assessment for a 1000km stretch of the Marine Park, Search for Solutions will look at why specific sites we found did better than others, and what we can do to ensure the long term survival of these, as well as explore and test intervention strategies.

Have a global call for submissions

We want to expand our ability to support the most innovative and forward thinking projects to address the global issue of coral bleaching. To do this we need them to find us! With the momentum, media and trust gained from the Search for the Super Corals we are excited by what we will find using this method.

Have greater interaction with students

With more time for planning and preparation in the lead up to this expedition we have the ability to create solid links with established education outlets. This will allow us to deliver higher quality and immersive content direct to classrooms for greater educational impact.

Have greater media reach

Building on the success of our last expedition, we will produce more refined content for both social and traditional media to better engage the global community. We will focus on what our audience enjoyed and asked for to become active stewards for reef health issues.

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Reasearcher applications open now.

Search for the Super Corals Expedition

We set out to provide free access for leading scientists to study corals that may hold the secret to surviving in a warming ocean. What they found is absolutely incredible!

Providing access and support for
science on the reef
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Our Mission

GBR Legacy will change the way the Great Barrier Reef is understood and protected by operating the reef's only independent research vessel


• Coral reefs worldwide are in decline
• Vessel access is limited and expensive
• Immediate research, innovation, education and communication are needed
• Those who need to access the reef require a cost effective alternative


With public, private and corporate funding, we will be the Great Barrier Reef's
• Floating laboratory
• Interactive classroom
• Multimedia powerhouse
• Platform for collaboration


We will make spaces available to:
• Scientists and Innovators
• Students and Educators
• Partner Organisations
• Media Professionals
• Citizen Scientists


GBR Legacy Launched

  • Initial Planning
  • Partnerships Established
  • Initial Funding
  • $30,000 Crowdfunding
  • $15,000 Private Donors
Super Corals

  • 21 day expedition, November 2017
  • Far North Great Barrier Reef
  • Major financial partner - Northern Escape Collection
  • New coral species discovered
  • The first definitive ‘Super Coral’ species
  • So much more
A Year on the Reef

  • 32 weeks at sea
  • 640 free spaces available to scientists, educators, partner organisations and the public per year
  • 1 year's use of a $2,000,000 vessel gifted
  • Seeking $1,500,000 operating costs. Contribute
Our Own Vessel

  • 32 weeks at sea
  • 1,280 free spaces available to scientists, educators, partner organisations and the public
  • Seeking $2,000,000 to purchase vessel
  • Seeking $3,000,000 to cover the first 2 years of operation Contribute

Our Supporters

Major financial partner

Northern Escape

Project partners

Climate Council Mission Blue Australian Marine Conservation Society Tangaroa Blue Coral Watch Mangrove Watch Reef Ecologic Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Ocean Geographic Sea Turtle Foundation Reef Restoration Foundation Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Low Isles Preservation Society Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Divers for Reef Conservation Straw No More The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef

Supporting research from

Australian Institute of Marine Science Coral Watch Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority University of Technology Sydney James Cook University Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services University of Queensland University of the Sunshine Coast XL Catlin Seaview Survey Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Corals of the World Museums Victoria Migaloo - The White Whale Research Centre

In-kind support

Lotsa Printing Australian Geographic Australian Geographic Society The Reef Marina Warp Brands Brand Tree Creative Tones Ports North Cairns Signs Blueye Seagate Aroona Flying Fish QNAP Freestyle Port Douglas NETGEAR On Deck Catering 666 Marine Macpac Hemingway's Brewery Midnight Oil Total Food Network Botanical Chemist Canon Australia Hinterland Aviation Survitec Group Pro Dive Cairns Dean Miller Eye to Eye Marine Encounters Sony ATV Spire BMF Kiorion 360Bubble Light and Motion Tabata Australia Carmichael Ford

Small business champions

Coffee 21 Snapshot Camera Hire Deep Blue Digital Lady Musgrave Experience Daintree Wonder Tours Daintree Ice Cream Company Samadhi Soul Massage Therapies Tāpoi Travel Ocean Freedom Just Purple Barrier Reef Brewing Company Port Douglas Watersports and Beach Hire Daintree River Cruise Centre Seastar Cruises Fish Paradise App - Orca Studio Port Douglas 2nd Hand Port Douglas Stationery Hub Whimsy Beads Out N About Sport Fishing Hydrobiology SeaStraws Ethical Investment Advisers The Pier Bar Tropic Breeze Caravan Park