Search for the Super Corals

Expedition Updates

In Depth Look At Studying Super Corals
4 December 2017

Dr Emma Camp and PhD candidate Sam Goyen give you a behind the scenes look at their research into the physiology of 'Super Corals'

Underwater Droning
3 December 2017

The team uses the very first Blueye Pioneer ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) in Australia to look at what is going on in the deeper parts of the reef. For more on these remarkable units check out

How to Map a Coral Reef Underwater
1 December 2017

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero and Dr Monique Grol talk about their work mapping coral reefs

Satellite link up and running
29 November 2017

Behind the scenes of our first LIVE video link with ABC on the mainland.

Turtle Nesting and Tagging
27 November 2017

Dr Ian Bell has joined the Great Barrier Reef Legacy team to satellite tag and track a female green turtle.

Selection of news clips
24 November 2017

50 seconds of clips for news footage

Super Corals - Precious Cargo
24 November 2017

Come with our researchers as they identify, collect, pack and transport corals from the remote northern Great Barrier Reef to the Australian Institute of Marine Science National Sea Simulator. A world first!!

Coral Sampling
22 November 2017

Dr Emma Camp talks about her work collecting and researching 'super corals'

How to Map a Coral Reef from the Air
21 November 2017

Dr. Javier Leon explains his project - using high resolution images captured by drones to create maps of coral reefs

Tijou Reef
20 November 2017

Music: Mermaid - Fingers Mitchell Cullen

False Killer Whales
19 November 2017

False killer whales riding on the bow of our research vessel

Sandbank 7
18 November 2017

The researchers are really making the most of this opportunity to visit such remote areas and they simply have not stopped. They dive in the morning, process all their data, and get ready for the next dive with no time to sit and take it all in. They really are working extremely hard and the overwhelming camaraderie now is a reward in itself as we become a big family, something that can only be achieved after a few days at sea together.

Tydeman Reef
17 November 2017

An incredible first day at Tyedman Reef! Exceptional coral quality with large plates, stags and lots of colour - scientists were so excited to see many had eggs readied for the next spawn in December. Much research already accomplished with all teams in water, collecting data, samples and running experiments, so the expedition is in full swing. Plenty of whaler sharks spotted, maori wrasse preparing to mate, and large schools of fish. Wind is a steady 25knots so we will stick to the outer sites to try and stay in the good visibility areas, as inshore is completely unworkable in these conditions.

Mimic Algae
17 November 2017

Emre Turak and Zach Rago discuss mimic algae, a single species that takes on many different shapes, textures and colours.

New Coral Species, Neal Cantin
16 November 2017

Neal Cantin (AIMS) collecting a sample of the newly discovered coral species

New Coral Species - John Rumney, Charlie Veron, Dean Miller
16 November 2017

New Coral Species - John Rumney (GBR Legacy), Charlie Veron (Coral ID Expert), Dean Miller (GBR Legacy)

Neal Cantin collecting Acropora
16 November 2017

Neal Cantin collecting Acropora to be send to Australian Institute of Marine Science and University of Technology Sydney

Christine Roper collecting coral health data
16 November 2017

Christine Roper using Coral Watch slate to assess the health of coral

New Coral Species - Photo Zack Rago
16 November 2017

The first photo taken of the new species. Photo credit Zack Rago. Zack is the star of the award winning documentary Chasing Coral and was helping Dr Charlie Veron document coral species.

MY Flying Fish
16 November 2017

MY Flying Fish, luxury yacht. Supplied by Northern Escape Collection and converted to a research vessel for this expedition

Expedition Send Off
15 November 2017

Our 'Search for the Super Corals' expedition has officially begun! After months of planning this unique collaboration between scientists, technicians, community and volunteers, we today set out on a ground-breaking 21-day trip to map and study the most remote sections of the Northern Great Barrier Reef.

Blueye underwater drone
5 November 2017

Clips of the Blueye underwater drone which was given to Great Barrier Reef Legacy for our super coral expedition